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Panama port workers’ victory leads to start of collective negotiations

ITF - Fri, 10/03/2014 - 09:18
Port workers in Panama celebrated a freedom of association victory on 29 September as their chosen union, ITF affiliate SITREBALCRI, began collective negotiations with the Panama Ports Company (PPC).
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New help for unions to challenge aviation flags of convenience

ITF - Thu, 10/02/2014 - 16:20
The ITF has produced a new education module to help its affiliates organise around the growing trend of flags of convenience (FOCs) in aviation.
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Coalition demonstrates against Canada-EU trade agreement

ITF - Thu, 10/02/2014 - 15:32
Around 400 people protested on 26 September in Ottawa against the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), as officials met in the city to announce they had concluded the trade negotiations.
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ITF welcomes latest blow to Veolia over West Bank involvement

ITF - Thu, 10/02/2014 - 15:14
The ITF has welcomed the latest evidence – the decision by Kuwait City to exclude Veolia from a multi-million dollar solid waste management contract – that vociferous Palestinian and international campaigning over Veolia’s complicity in Israeli projects which violate international law is hurting the company.
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Third ITF humanitarian shipment reaches Gaza

ITF - Thu, 10/02/2014 - 13:48
Two hundred wheelchairs, 200 adult and paediatric walkers and 3,000 school bags with student kits were included in the delivery to Gaza on 29 September of the third ITF shipment of humanitarian aid.
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Two-year struggle ends in new agreement for Moroccan dockers

ITF - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 03:50
Dockers in the Port of Tangiers, Morocco are celebrating after a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) was signed with management following a two-year struggle.
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Unions join global calls for climate change action

ITF - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 02:23
Global unions including UNI, PSI, the ITF and their affiliates were among over 650,000 people around the globe who took to the streets on 21 September to inspire world leaders to take ambitious action on climate change.
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Nicaraguan dockers’ unions win HIV/AIDS clause in CBA

ITF - Tue, 09/23/2014 - 08:46
The ITF-affiliated Nicaraguan dock workers’ federation (FSTPS), which represents 10 unions, has successfully negotiated the inclusion of a clause on HIV/AIDS in its new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with national port company Empresa Portuaria Nacional (EPN).
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DHL Delhi workers hold day of action against harassment

ITF - Fri, 09/19/2014 - 08:49
Members of the DHL Employees Union in Delhi and their families are staging a family dharna (sit in) on 21 September, to protest against reported harassment and victimisation by the company.
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Groundbreaking training to help Arab World women trade unionists set agenda

ITF - Fri, 09/19/2014 - 08:33
A groundbreaking women’s leadership training programme started today (Monday) and will be followed on 19 September by a one-day meeting of the ITF’s Arab World women’s committee members to set their work programme for the next four years.
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Taxi worker unions respond to rise in taxi app companies

ITF - Wed, 09/17/2014 - 09:54
ITF affiliates from the United States, Canada, India and Europe who are involved in organising taxi workers met in Brussels on 15-16 September to agree responses to the growth of taxi app companies.
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ITF and Korean rail unions submit court and ILO complaints

ITF - Wed, 09/17/2014 - 02:25
The ITF and its affiliate the Korean Railway Workers’ Union (KRWU) jointly submitted an ILO complaint on 16 September against the Republic of Korea for allowing its state-owned railway company, the Korea Railroad Corporation (Korail), to violate the ILO’s principles of freedom of association.
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Philippines tuna workers escalate dispute action with help of international delegation

ITF - Fri, 09/05/2014 - 07:28
Philippines tuna workers dismissed for forming a union have staged a week of action with the support of an international delegation from the ITF/IUF (International Union of Food, Agricultural and Hospitality Workers) fisheries programme.
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ITF applauds US DOT decision on Norwegian Air

ITF - Fri, 09/05/2014 - 06:51
The ITF has applauded the decision on 2 September by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) to refuse Norwegian Air International (NAI) – a key offender in attempting to introduce flags of convenience (FOCs) in aviation – an exemption for a foreign air carrier permit.
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