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'FedEx exposed Korean workers to danger of anthrax'

Current News - Tue, 06/02/2015 - 11:22

'FedEx exposed Korean workers to danger of anthrax'
Posted : 2015-06-02 17:37
Updated : 2015-06-02 22:10
'FedEx exposed workers to danger of anthrax'

By Jun Ji-hye

Activists and labor unions argued Tuesday that FedEx's delivery of live anthrax samples might have exposed its workers to serious danger.

The world's top package courier has delivered anthrax samples to 18 labs in the United States and to Osan Air Base, south of Seoul. The delivery took place over the past year, according to the Pentagon.

Shin Soo-yeon, a member of Green Korea, an environment civic group, said such a delivery is directly related to workers' rights to good health.

"Delivery workers might not have known that they were delivering live anthrax samples," she told The Korea Times. "It is doubtful whether the delivery of live samples through the private company would ever be disclosed to the public if there was no report in the U.S."

The mistaken mailing of live anthrax samples was first revealed after a lab in Maryland, which discovered that the bacteria was not an inert training sample as expected, made a report to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Then, the U.S. Department of Defense officially announced mistakes in anthrax delivery, Thursday.

"It could have posed a grave danger to the deliverymen. Possible wrong delivery could have posed an even graver danger to unspecified individuals," Shin said. "It is a must to check which safety measures were taken before the delivery and who needs to take responsibility for the threatened rights of workers' health."

The Korean Public Service and Transport Workers' Union also issued a statement claiming, "The U.S. government's acts of brutality and Korean government's poor management threatened the lives of laborers and the public."

"We are astounded that one of the most hazardous materials used in biochemical weapons has been delivered with other ordinary parcels," it said. "Laborers will be the first that are exposed to the danger of anthrax, and this danger is directly related to the safety of the people."

The union called for strengthening safety measures to prevent recurrence of the incident.

Citizens sympathized with the concerns.

An office worker, surnamed Kim, said, "A very serious tragedy could have occurred if the delivery vehicle had an accident, for example."

FedEx has been quiet about the issue, except for issuing an official statement saying, "All shipments have been safely delivered to their destinations without incident, and we're confident that none of the shipments compromised the health or safety of our employees or customers."

The samples originated from the Dugway Proving Ground that has been testing chemical and biological warfare weapons since it was opened in 1942 on a desert in Utah.

It arrived at the United States Forces Korea's airbase about four weeks ago in a frozen liquid state in a triple wrapped package, according to Korean authorities. Twenty two lab personnel may have been exposed to the anthrax during training last Wednesday. They were given antibiotics for possible exposure, but none have shown any symptoms of infection so far.


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ILWU leaders join protest in Perth against Chevron projects

ILWU - Tue, 06/02/2015 - 10:48

ILWU International President Robert McEllrath joined a protest against Chevron on May 12 in Perth, Australia.

Docker union leaders from around the world – including ILWU officers – met in Perth, Australia for a strategy meeting in May that included a protest against Chevron for failing to respect workers’ rights in Western Australia.

“Chevron is based in California, but communities back home and around the world are having the same kinds of problems from this company,” said ILWU International President Robert McEllrath, who spoke at a rally in front of the New Zealand Embassy in Perth. McEllrath joined Vice-Presidents Ray Familathe and Wesley Furtado, and Secretary-Treasurer Willie Adams who attended the protest organized by the Maritime Union of New Zealand (MUNZ) and the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF).  The protest took place on May 12 during a meeting of the ITF Dockers Section in Perth.
Problems down-under

Chevron is deeply involved with natural gas projects in both Australia and New Zealand. Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) members say they’ve been treated unfairly at Chevron’s massive “Gorgon” project, located off the country’s northwest shore. Chevron intends to collect gas from offshore wells then liquefy the product on Barrow’s Island for export using giant LNG tankers. The effort was first estimated to cost $37 billion but exploded to $54 billion because of cost overruns. Instead of cooperating with the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA), Chevron has refused to respect longstanding union contract standards
and filed a $20 million lawsuit against MUA members over a health and safety dispute.

In New Zealand, Chevron and a partner company were recently awarded lucrative offshore exploration permits. Concerns among members from the Maritime Union of New Zealand (MUNZ) are running high that Chevron may try to use similar tactics against them.

National Secretary Joe Fleetwood said New Zealand maritime workers are not welcoming Chevron, based on the company’s track record in Australia. He presented a letter to New Zealand consulate officials on May 12 that explained worker concerns about Chevron.

“We support responsible drilling with high safety standards, but we don’t support companies that have an antiworker agenda and bad environmental record.”

Problems in the U.S.

At Chevron’s massive U.S. refinery complex in Richmond, CA, the company hasgained notoriety for endangering workers, surrounding residents and the environment. A huge explosion and fire engulfed the refinery in August of 2012, nearly killing 10 refinery workers and sending over 10,000 residents to local hospitals with concerns about respiratory problems. Federal and state investigators found Chevron was at fault for the explosion because the company had been cutting corners on safety. After Richmond City Council members expressed similar concerns and asked the company to pay their fair share of local taxes, Chevron launched a $3 million political campaign to replace independent City Councilmembers with the company’s hand-picked candidates. The takeover attempt failed after voters rejected all of Chevron’s candidates.

On May 27, Bay Area ILWU members protested on the morning of Chevron’s annual shareholder meeting at company’s corporate headquarters in San Ramon, CA. ITF President Paddy Crumlin,
who also heads the Maritime Union of Australia, conveyed his thanks to ILWU members for their solidarity – and displeasure at Chevron for failing to reach terms with Australian workers;
a struggle he vowed to continue.

“We will keep seeking a settlement with Chevron – while we continue organizing workers at home and abroad to mount a fight – if that’s what the company wants.”

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LaborTech 2015 The Gig Economy, Labor Communication Media And The Smart Phone

Current News - Tue, 06/02/2015 - 03:44

LaborTech 2015 The Gig Economy, Labor Communication Media And The Smart Phone
Stanford University July 26, 2015

The development of communication technology has led to major changes in the production chain. Today through the internet, hundreds of millions of workers are now linked together and the smart phone has become for the Chinese, the shouji, or “hand machine.” Tech workers and millions of other workers are now tethered to the internet 24 hours a day and every keystroke can now be watched by their employers on the job and off the job as well as tracking them off the job.
Apps are also being use to put workers in a temporary part time economy and change their conditions of work from taxi workers to call centers as well as healthcare workers and workers in every industry. The gig economy is which more and more workers have no security and benefits is exploding.
LaborTech 2015 will look at how this new technology is being used on workers and how workers are using communication technology to organize from strikes, solidarity and challenging the attack on democratic rights.
It will also provide instruction on how to build labor channels that can get the stories out to workers and the public locally and internationally.
The introduction of technology into the workplace and the labor and human rights of workers including the large number of immigrant workers in the tech industry is a growing issue for not only these workers but all people.
LaborFest 2015 will look at these issues and how labor can confront these issues here and internationally.
The Gig Economy-How Is This Changing The Conditions Of Labor And Our Lives
More And More Workers Are Being Pushed Into The Gig Economy-What Does This Mean?
How Workers and Unions Can Stream Your Stories And Struggles And Build Channels
Using The Smart Phone
How can your union or labor group get your stories out using smart phones and streaming technology
How Is Tech Being Used On The Job And For Workers Struggles & Communication
What Labor Rights Do You Have On The Job With New Technology & How Are Workers Using Video and Communication Media To Get Out Their Stories And Issues.
Techsploitation: How Immigrant Workers and Tech Workers Facing Discrimination
In The Tech Industry And What You Can Do About It

Initial Speakers:
John Parulis, Todd Davies, Jack Linchuan Qiu, Steve Hill, Gail Glick, Ali Ergun Mehmet, Kaveno Hambira, Ruth Silver-Taub, John Han, Scott Barbes-Caminero

Please go to LaborTech www.labortech.net for registration $50.00 and information
Send Check or Money Order to LaborTech P.O. Box 720027, San Francisco, CA 94172
Contact (415)282-1908
Sponsored by LaborTech.net, LaborNet & KPFA WorkWeek Radio,

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World's Largest Flight Attendant Union Leads Charge against Human Trafficking on Airplanes

Current News - Tue, 06/02/2015 - 03:42

World's Largest Flight Attendant Union Leads Charge against Human Trafficking on Airplanes

Association of Flight Attendants Logo.
WASHINGTON, June 1, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA) calls on the aviation industry to join forces to abolish human trafficking on our planes. The union is raising awareness and calling for mandatory training for all Flight Attendants to recognize and report human trafficking.

As the world's largest flight attendant union, AFA is speaking out for Flight Attendants everywhere who have the ability to make a major impact in combating this heinous crime.

"There are 4 million innocent victims who are trafficked world-wide each year, and many of those victims are transported on our planes," said AFA International President Sara Nelson. "Recently I spoke with a human trafficking victim about her journey to a hidden dungeon. Alicia Kozakiewicz's abductor stopped for a moment to pay a toll and she had hope for just a second. As tears streamed down her face, she begged with her eyes to be recognized and saved. But no recognition came and Alicia journeyed on to incredible torture and pain. I can't help but wonder how many times I may have been working a flight when someone needed me to recognize them. To save them from pain."

"Many Flight Attendants have spent sleepless nights after having witnessed something that just didn't feel right on their flight, but without the proper tools to act," Nelson explained. "No more. As aviation's first responders, we are charged with the safety, health and security of the passengers in our care. Traffickers steal lives. But for a window of time, we can see it, report it and law enforcement can bring justice. This crime is happening right in front of us. If we fail to act, we are accepting modern day slavery."

The infrastructure and training mechanisms are already in place through the Department of Transportation's Blue Lightning Initiative, launched two years ago on June 6, 2013. Blue Lightning teaches airline personnel about common circumstances with human trafficking in order to recognize and report these instances to law enforcement for swift action.

"We need all of our airlines participating in Blue Lightning," said Nelson. "Everyone immediately recognizes the horror of human trafficking, but we must turn our outrage into concrete action to stop it. We're asking Congress to help us do just that. With the tools already in place and a massive network of trained Eyes in the Skies we can make an immediate difference through U.S. aviation. We have the potential to save millions of lives and stop the $32 billion dollar business built on exploitation of innocents."

To pledge your support and learn more, visit: hiddeninplanesight.org.

The Association of Flight Attendants is the world's largest Flight Attendant union. Focused 100 percent on Flight Attendant issues, AFA has been the leader in advancing the Flight Attendant profession for 67 years. Serving as the voice for Flight Attendants in the workplace, in the aviation industry, in the media and on Capitol Hill, AFA has transformed the Flight Attendant profession by raising wages, benefits and working conditions. Nearly 50,000 Flight Attendants come together to form AFA, part of the 700,000-member strong Communications Workers of America (CWA), AFL-CIO. Visit us at www.afacwa.org.

Logo - http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20110302/DC58223LOGO

SOURCE Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA-CWA)

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Turkey: ‘Terror investigation’ launched against striking workers

Labourstart.org News - Mon, 06/01/2015 - 17:00
LabourStart headline - Source: Zamen
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Global: June 4: freedom to organize for Chinese workers!

Labourstart.org News - Mon, 06/01/2015 - 17:00
LabourStart headline - Source: IUF
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Global: Fashion’s True Cost is at workers’ expense

Labourstart.org News - Mon, 06/01/2015 - 17:00
LabourStart headline - Source: IndustriALL Global Union
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Australia: Future-proofing workers’ rights in the digital world

Labourstart.org News - Sun, 05/31/2015 - 17:00
LabourStart headline - Source: This Working Life
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Industrial Worker - Issue #1775, June 2015

IWW - Sun, 05/31/2015 - 15:32


  • #ResistenciaMovistar: A Strike Of This Century In Spain
  • IWW Statement On Baltimore Uprising And Police Repression
  • Amtrak Wreck Could Have Been Prevented


  • May Day Celebrated Around The World
  • Staughton Lynd Reviews New Saul Alinsky Biography
  • Call To Support Migrant Workers In Europe

Download a Free PDF of this issue.

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Lax background checks compromise safety of ride-hail apps, study says

Current News - Sat, 05/30/2015 - 17:47

Lax background checks compromise safety of ride-hail apps, study says
May 29, 2015News
Lax background checks compromise safety of ride-hail apps, study says
By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez @FitztheReporter

It's 2004 in Monroe County, Fla. A vehicle speeds down the Overseas highway at more than 100 mph. The car screams by palm trees, swerves around two slower vehicles, then cuts off three more.

Then the driver swerves across the double yellow lines into oncoming traffic, forcing a vehicle to veer off the highway.

The thrill ride finally comes to an end in a sea of backed up traffic.

Syed Muzzafar was at the wheel, according to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office incident report, with his wife and three children in tow.

"This was just a dumb thing to do," he reportedly told police. "I know I'm wrong."

Muzzafar was eventually convicted of reckless driving charges.

About nine years later, he was driving for Uber in San Francisco on New Year's Eve 2013 — when he fatally struck 6-year-old Sofia Liu while she crossed a street with her mother and brother.

Now a newly released report highlights Liu's death, among others, and calls for California to force mobile ride-hail companies to have more comprehensive criminal background checks in order to catch the entire criminal history of potential drivers.

The study, "One Standard for All," details how the limits of private background checks can allow those with old criminal histories to drive for companies like Uber and Lyft. The study was authored by City University of New York professors, and peer reviewed by a former New York state deputy secretary for public safety, a representative of the association of inspectors general, and criminal justice professors at CUNY.

These limitations perhaps legally barred Uber from seeing Muzaffar's Florida incident, said report author Matthew W. Daus, a City University of New York professor.

"There's too much to be lost to be making mistakes on these matters," he said, lamenting Liu's death. "One calamity is too much."

Uber's background checks are conducted by a third party company named Hirease. California law restricts private criminal background checks from searching beyond seven years of history, and Muzaffar's Florida incident occurred in 2004, nine years before Liu's death. The onus may not be on the ride-hail apps, the study said, but on regulators.

Unlike the taxi industry, fingerprinting is not required in California for ride-hail drivers.

The study notes criminal background checks of potential drivers for ride-hails rely on names and Social Security numbers, while taxis use the more comprehensive fingerprint method. Private criminal checks are also limited in which state and county jurisdictions they search, the report found.

Exact numbers of false positives and other errors are hard to report, as Uber has traditionally not publicly opened up about its criminal background process. Uber recently said it has over 20,000 drivers in the Bay Area, 10 times the taxi drivers in San Francisco.

But the FBI said its biometric fingerprint checks have a 1 percent error rate, according to the report, whereas name-based criminal background checks have a 43 percent error rate.

The report detailed the process for becoming a San Francisco cabdriver.

New drivers must submit to a LiveScan fingerprint and criminal background check with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. The U.S. Department of Justice then conducts a national criminal records check.

The taxi applicants must then present a 10-year driving record from the DMV, dated within 30 days of the application.

The taxi criminal background checks scour a federal criminal database of more than 100 years of criminal records across the U.S. in many jurisdictions, legally allowable since these background checks are regulated through municipal agencies.

In order to run criminal background checks beyond seven years, ride-hail apps would need to be regulated to do so by the CPUC.

Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian, D-Los Angeles, recently sponsored Assembly Bill 24, which would require fingerprint checks for ride-hails. And just this week, The City and San Francisco International Airport recommended that the CPUC require fingerprinting.

In the meantime, reports continue to surface of Uber and Lyft drivers who commit crimes against passengers or drive unsafely. In San Francisco in late 2013, Daveea Whitmire was charged with two misdemeanor battery counts after fighting with a passenger. Whitmire was cleared to drive for Uber despite a prior felony conviction.

Incidents like that and others in cities worldwide led San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon to join with the Los Angeles district attorney to file an unlawful business practices suit against Uber and Lyft in December, claiming the companies make "untrue or misleading representations regarding the quality of background checks it performs on drivers."

Lyft recently settled the suit for $500,000 in civil penalties, and is now legally bound to no longer make "untrue or misleading representations" regarding criminal background checks.

Uber has not settled the suit and claimed publicly that its background checks are superior to that of taxis, which is refuted in the report from City University of New York.

The California Public Utilities Commission is now working on what it calls "Phase II" of its new regulations for Uber, Lyft and other tech-ride companies, which could include stricter criminal background checks.

Neither Uber nor Lyft responded to requests for comment.

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Global: McJobs report documents pattern of global abuses

Labourstart.org News - Fri, 05/29/2015 - 17:00
LabourStart headline - Source: IUF
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Historic Rally to Re-elect Kshama Sawant

IBU - Fri, 05/29/2015 - 15:54
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PSR Fleet Memo for May 30 2015

IBU - Fri, 05/29/2015 - 15:54
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General Membership Meeting June 4 2015

IBU - Fri, 05/29/2015 - 11:46
Note to all PSR members: This is the last scheduled General Membership Meeting until September 3, 2015.
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Residents thank Port Authority for service proposals; encourage small tweaks to help more areas

Pittsburghers for Public Transit - Fri, 05/29/2015 - 11:40
Over 10 county residents spoke at the Port Authority board meeting this morning. They thanked the agency for proposing service in 4 communities, including Baldwin and Groveton. These changes will make a huge difference in people's lives, allowing them to get to school, work, the doctor, shopping centers, friends' houses, and more. Residents also made suggestions for tweaks to get service in more areas. A huge thanks to everyone who has been part of this effort!

See below for the public comment from Jonah McAllister-Erickson, on behalf of PPT:

Pittsburghers for Public Transit and the community members we have been working with for several years were thrilled to hear that the Port Authority’s proposal for service changes next fiscal year includes extending service into transit deserts, such as Baldwin and Groveton. This proposal indicates the Port Authority’s willingness to listen to the voices of community members and to take steps to address their needs. You may have limited resources, but working toward more equity in our transit system, which has the added benefit of increasing ridership, is the right thing to do. And we commend you for taking these steps.

Darnell Jones, a Groveton resident, who isn’t able to be here today because he is at work, has said “The families in Groveton appreciate that Port Authority has listened to the word of the people. If the proposed extension of the 20 Kennedy is approved, people will be able to find jobs and get to the supermarket, other stores, and doctor’s appointments.”

As you’ve heard today, the Baldwin residents are very happy to know they could be getting service back in the community, and they are deeply grateful. They still have concerns about the residents in the Willett Ave corridor and hope that some solution can be found.

Not every community in our county is getting what they need, and we will continue to advocate with riders, workers, and residents to ensure that the staff, board, elected officials, and public can all work to have an adequate transit system for our county’s residents.

We urge you to approve these service extensions and to determine if there are still ways to make inexpensive tweaks to get service to areas in need.

We’d now like to briefly discuss the recently proposed service guidelines. We support the move toward more inclusive and transparent processes, and we also appreciate that you have created some time for public comment. You will hear comments from our members using the online form in the coming month.

Public transit agencies cannot make decisions based on cost and efficiency alone, and we are pleased to see equity as a key category in the proposed service guidelines.  Our main concern about these guidelines is the lack of clarity over how the 3 categories (equity, efficiency, and effectiveness) are weighted in decision-making. We call for the prioritization of equity, and would urge that route report cards have an equity score added to them.  We applaud the Port Authority’s recognition, in the proposed service guidelines, of the disproportionate importance public transit plays in low-income communities, and to the lives of transit dependent riders. And we expect the Port Authority to continue to go beyond the minimum requirements of Title VI and the ADA to ensure our transit system strives to connect all the different people of Allegheny County to life. Finally, we are pleased to see there is no fare hike planned for next year, which we know our riders appreciate.

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ILWU Overwhemingly Approves 5-Year Contract for West Coast Dockworkers

Teamsters for a Democratic Union - Fri, 05/29/2015 - 07:47
Michael G. MalloyTransport TopicsMay 29, 2015View the original piece

West Coast longshore workers voted overwhelmingly to ratify a five-year labor contract with port terminal operators represented by the Pacific Maritime Association.

International Longshore and Warehouse Union members voted 82% in favor of approving the contract, which is retroactive to July 1, 2014, and runs through July 1, 2019. That’s up from the previous contract, which was ratified with 75% worker approval.

Click here to read more at Transport Topics.

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Maritime Union Of Australia Protests Plans To Deregulate Shipping

Current News - Thu, 05/28/2015 - 23:38

Maritime Union Of Australia Protests Plans To Deregulate Shipping
MUA Protests Plans to Deregulate Shipping

Posted by Ashleigh Telford on May 20, 2015
The Maritime Union of Australia has slammed moves by the Abbott Government to deregulate the Australia shipping industry and with it, destroy 10,000 Australian jobs.

MUA national secretary Paddy Crumlin led a protest outside the Marriott Hotel in Sydney Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss eagerly spoke of his Government’s attempts to destroy yet another Australian industry.

"Warren Truss is basically removing a part of Australian industry and replacing it with an industry that comes from Liberia or Panama - no regulation, tax avoidance, low labour standards," Mr Crumlin told the crowd of about 100 MUA activists.

“The MUA strongly urges that the Coastal Trading Act is not unwound as it is demonstrably in the national interest to retain and grow the coastal shipping industry.

“If implemented, the Abbott Government’s move represents a radical policy change that is ignorant or negligent to the critical importance of a domestic shipping industry.

“These changes could spell disaster on a number of fronts – maritime jobs, skills, fuel security, national security and pose a threat to the environment.

“The Abbott Government’s changes could directly impact around 2,000 direct jobs and up to 8,000 associated jobs - so 10,000 Aussie jobs on the chopping block.

“But rather than protect local jobs, the Abbott Government wants to open up our coast to all comers – carrying such substances as car and jet fuel, diesel and ammonium nitrate.

“There could also be a significant impact on the offshore oil and gas sector - with limited visa regulations and oversight.”

The ALP also weighed into the debate, saying the changes - due to be introduced in parliament's winter session - would undermine pay and conditions and amount to "WorkChoices on water".

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said: “Well let's not use weasel words about restructure on water, this is WorkChoices on water.

“What we see is thousands of Australian jobs to be jeopardised.

“What we see is this Government's predilection for lowering employment conditions in Australia.

“What this Government hopes is that because ships are beyond the breakers and that people can't see every employment condition in a ship, that they can get away with seeing third world conditions employed on ships which carry cargo around the Australian shoreline.

“This is unacceptable, Australia is an island nation, we should have our own indigenous shipping industry, and for the Abbott Government to sabotage the conditions of seafarers is Work Choices on water.

Labor Transport spokesman Anthony Albanese, who sheparded through the changes to the 2012 Coastal Trading Act said: “The Liberal and National Parties seem to be obsessed with attacking workers who work on the waterfront or on Australian ships."

“It's what they did last time when they were in office.

“This attack they're launching today is an attack on the Australian national interest. It is in Australia's national interest to have the Australian flag on the back of Australian ships working around the Australian coast and internationally.

“For a government that says it wants to stop the boats, what they want to do is to stop Australian ships working on the domestic freight task around our coast.”

Australian Greens Industrial Relations spokesman Adam Bandt, who was also a strong supporter of the 2012 reforms, said “The Abbott government is throwing jobs overboard.

“We wouldn’t bring in overseas truck drivers to carry goods on the Hume Highway at $2 an hour and we shouldn’t allow the same on our shipping lanes.”

“The Greens will fight these attacks.”

“We will stand up for the local shipping industry and protect people’s rights at work.”

The usual conga line of spivs and hangers-on have applauded the Abbott Government’s move, including the Business Council of Australia, National Farmers Federation and Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

All of the rally photos can be viewed here.

- See more at: http://www.mua.org.au/mua_protests_plans_to_deregulate_shipping#sthash.j...

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National Assistant Secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia, Warren Smith joins Marcus Harrington to discuss the Abbott Governments latest attack on workers, the proposed deregulation of the Australian Shipping industry.

Current News - Thu, 05/28/2015 - 21:41

National Assistant Secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia, Warren Smith joins Marcus Harrington to discuss the Abbott Governments latest attack on workers, the proposed deregulation of the Australian Shipping industry.
Viola Wilkins
12 mins
Tomorrow morning on Rank and File Radio on 3CR Community Radio, National Assistant Secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia, Warren Smith joins Marcus Harrington to discuss the Abbott Governments latest attack on workers, the proposed deregulation of the Australian Shipping industry.
Listen into Rank and File Radio from 8am on Community Radio 3CR - 855 on the am dial and streaming on www.3cr.org.au

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Cambodia: Union law ‘excludes voice of workers’

Labourstart.org News - Thu, 05/28/2015 - 17:00
LabourStart headline - Source: The Post
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