Statement To ATU 192 AC Transit Workers-Solidarity Yes Concessions NO!!

Stand With Us-We Stand With You
Solidarity Will Defeat Concessions
This flyer is being distributed by the Transport Workers Solidarity Committee. Our members include BART, longshore, ferry, and AC transit workers, as well as other union and community activists. We initi- ated the August 1 rally and march of over 1,000 BART workers and supporters in downtown Oakland.
We’re here to pledge solidarity. Your fight is our fight. If AC management gets you to agree to a conces- sionary deal, it makes it easier for others to follow suit - particularly BART. It gives them a green light to continue to raise fares, reduce service to those who need it most, and privatize by outsourcing to outfits like Veolia. The whole community will suffer.
They’ve been picking us off one by one. They’ve nearly wiped out private sector unions, and now they’re going after public sector unions and the whole working class. They’re going after pensions, schools, health care, housing, transit, jobs, wages, and working conditions, returning many to part time jobs. They’re taking back gains won by generations of struggle.
That’s what they’re trying to do with the contract you’re voting on Saturday. Calculating inflation over
3 years you'll be losing almost 4%. Newer workers really get screwed -- they’d be stuck at entry-level wages for another six months; and because they earn less the $180 / month for medical would hurt more.
AC Transit says they don’t have the money and we all have to sacrifice. But the banks didn’t have to sacrifice. They got a bailout of trillions of dollars of public money – our money.
Or look at BART, which projects a $125 million / year operating surplus for the next 10 years. Why do they raise fares, neglect passenger and worker safety, and screw BART workers? Because they shovel it into expansion projects that benefit the big developers and corporations who control the BART board and the MTC – and never assess their increased property values!
They take our money and give it to the banks, the developers, and the corporations. And then they ask us to take more cuts and concessions. The money’s there – no more concessions!
We can win this. AC Transit and BART workers can turn the tide for all working people. But only if we fight together. No to concessionary contracts -- at AC Transit and at BART. Just think of the power that BART and AC Transit workers wield, backed by the community!
Mobilize the power of the rank and file! Demand that ATU, SEIU, and AFSCME organize a mass meet- ing of BART and AC workers to coordinate a joint strategy to fight together, reach out to the entire work- ing class community -- employed, underemployed, and unemployed -- and win!
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