Declaration of Japan Railway Union Doro-Chiba At 41st Regular Union Convention-Growth Of Doro-Chiba And Growing Militancy In Japan Working Class

Declaration of Japan Railway Union Doro-Chiba At 41st Regular Union Convention-Growth Of Doro-Chiba And Growing Militancy In Japan Working Class
Declaration of Doro-Chiba 41st Regular Union Convention
September 24, 2012
We proudly declare in the name of the 41st regular union convention that we have won a victory in the past year and that we have unanimously adopted a new policy of struggle for coming period.
The struggle against the Japan Railway Company’s outsourcing of inspection, repair and yard work is facing a decisive moment. The 12 years’ struggle of Doro-Chiba to prevent outsourcing attempts has produced a bright prospect of defeating neo-liberal attack on the working class by the resolute counter-attack of militant labor union. The desperate cooperation of JR Company and the JR-East Union in  forcing advance announcement of forced transfer directive have ignited an explosion of anger in a large part of the affected workplaces of inspection and repair work.  Across Japan, we are witnessing general uprising of railway workers. It is evidently the product of our struggle for 12 years. Behind the scene of brutal attempt, the outsourcing policy is, in fact, miserably collapsing. We are not on the defensive.
Outsourcing is essentially aimed at depriving workers of their future through destroying employment and dismantling rail safety. Moreover, what is actually going on through outsourcing of inspection, repair and yard work is evidently disguised subcontract.
We never allow unlawful forced transfer of workers. We are firmly determined to continue fighting to crush outsourcing completely.
The recent JR Company’s attempt of restructuring (“scrap and build”) of Sakura Transport District was forced to delay for two months by the strikes of designated union members for 5 months. Thus we have succeeded JR Company’s scheme of dividing and destroying union organization and set up a new branch of Doro-Chiba in Sakura during this struggle.
In the meantime, a remarkable judgment was issued by the Tokyo District Court on June 29th. It clearly ruled that “The plaintiffs (the dismissed national railway workers in the course of the Division and Privatization of National Railways in 1987) should have been employed in the new-born JR-East Company if there had not been a non-employment standard  fabricated by unlawful motivation and intention [in a clear word, to exclude union activist from the employment list].  This judgment was obtained as a result of the struggle for reinstatement of unlawfully dismissed 1,047 national railway workers for more than two decades, overcoming reactionary attempt to drop the demand of reinstatement and to end the struggle, culminated on “April 9th Political Settlement” in 2010 by the union bosses of National Railway Workers Union and others.
We should not, however, overlook the inadmissible fact that the judgment refused to order withdrawal of the unlawful discharge and to reinstate the plaintiffs to the jobs. We indignantly denounce the court on this point.
But after all, it is now evident that the real fact of unfair labor practice committed by the former National Railways and JR Companies is now fully exposed to the whole public and that the National Railway Reform Act, which justified the unlawful dismissal and non-employment of 1,047 national railway workers, has begun to lose its juridical validity. We have finally reached a point to win reinstatement of these workers.
We’ll never obscure the vital issue of the Division and Privatization of National Railways. We’ll never forget what it has brought about to the whole Japanese labor scene: most national railway labor unions were destroyed and labor movement was forced to retreat in a brutal way. As a result, privatization went on violently at the sacrifice of workers; a large numbers of workers, amounting to 15 million, were driven into irregular employment and deprived of labor rights. Now anger is mounting not only among national railway workers but also in all Japanese working class. The time has come to put an end to this situation.
One and a half year have passed since the Great Earthquake and the nuclear disaster. And 330 thousand people are still obliged to live in shelters or evacuation. In spite of this situation, Noda administration declared that the Fukushima nuclear plant accident was over at the end of last year and published its policy to reopen Oi nuclear plant as if nothing had happened. People’s anger has exploded against this shameless behavior of the government. Every week, tens and hundreds of thousands protesters are gathering in front of the Office of the Prime Minister, with the highest record of 200 thousands on June 29th. The time has evidently changed.
The global economic crisis has been aggravating day by day and a total collapse of capitalist system has begun before our eyes. These developments compel capitalists to intensify attacks on working class. As a result, poverty is spreading in an extraordinary scale and character in the whole society. Employment, medical, educational and pension system are on the verge of collapse as a result of neo-liberalism. It has produced a society, in which it is impossible to lead a human life. It is an urgent task and duty for labor unions to get back its power and appear in the front stage of the society.
Japanese imperialism in a serious crisis is now developing a demagogic campaign with the help of mass media over the issue of “territory”, which is inseparable with war. The ruling class is intending to destroy working class unity and solidarity by means of nationalist and chauvinistic propaganda. Working class has no “territory” of its own. Let’s fight against imperialism together with workers and people all over the world.
We are confident that revival of labor movement is possible. November 4th National Workers’ All-out Rally is a gathering point of this aspiration. Doro-Chiba put all its energy in organizing effort in the course of preparing for the November Rally.
Let’s confront courageously the whole historical developments since the March 11 disaster and bring success of November 4th Rally with an overwhelming participants of more than 10,000!
For the victory of the struggle against outsourcing and for reinstatement of 1,047 dismissed national railway workers!
Rise up for a large organizing campaign with all the power of union members!