ITF to send Mission to Gaza, West Bank and Israel-Action Plan Post Cards To UN-No Labor Action From ITF Paddy Crumlin

ITF to send Mission to Gaza, West Bank and Israel-Action Plan Post Cards To UN-No Labor Action From ITF Paddy Crumlin

17 August 2014

The ITF, supported by the ITUC is to send an Executive Board Mission to Gaza, the West Bank and Israel. The mission will be the start of a four year programme to support the ITF’s affiliates and contribute to long term peace and justice for Palestine. ITF affiliates meeting in Sofia on 10-16 August 2014 expressed their horror at the toll of deaths in the conflict, the overwhelming majority of which have been civilians. The ITF has been providing humanitarian support to Gaza. It has already sent two truckloads of humanitarian and medical supplies to Gaza, with more to follow.

ITF President Paddy Crumlin said “The scars of this current tragedy in Gaza will be felt for many generations. And recognizing the trauma and risk to life faced by transport workers in Palestine and Israel, the ITF - with the support of the ITUC – should send an Executive Board Mission to Gaza, the West Bank and Israel. Recognizing the urgency, this mission should take place as quickly as possible and should also be used reinforce the ITF project for humanitarian aid for Gaza.”

The mission follows a resolution passed at the ITF Congress being held in Sofia which added the ITF’s voice to the calls by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) for coordinated international union action to press for an end to the occupation of Palestine and for a two-states-for-two-peoples solution. The ITF is committed to the ITUC’s Call for Action on Gaza and theresolution passed at the ITUC Congress in Berlin in 2014.


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ITUC Call to Action on Gaza / Thousands of postcards for peace to be delivered to UN Secretary-General
7 August 2014

• Human and trade union rights
• Israel
• Palestine
• United Nations

The ITUC is horrified by the appalling death toll of civilians in Gaza.

Schools, hospitals and the only power station have been bombed, drawing heavy condemnation from the United Nations, several of whose personnel have also lost their lives. The targeting of civilians is against international law and the UN has called for accountability and justice.

“The only solution is a permanent cease-fire with the intervention of the international community to force the parties to the table to conclude a negotiated settlement that ends the blockade of Gaza and the occupation of Palestine. The people of Israel and the people of Palestine will only be assured of a peaceful and secure future with a two-state solution, where all people can live in peace and security and build a future for themselves and their children,” said Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the ITUC.

The ITUC is calling on governments to intervene and support a five-point plan for peace:

• A permanent cease-fire;
• Humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza;
• The immediate suspension of all transfers of weapons, munitions and other military equipment and technology being used against civilians;
• An end of the blockade of Gaza;
• A negotiated settlement to bring about a two-state solution with the legitimacy of international law.
The ITUC is calling on affiliates and trade union members to make a commitment to peace and send a postcard to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to show that he has our support to deliver peace.

To take part in the ITUC postcard campaign, go to the website and use a PC or mobile device to send a real postcard which will be delivered to the UN Secretary-General in New York with your personal message and photo.

The photo can show your personal experience of peace, and you can send a message about what you want for the people of Palestine and Israel and call on the UN Secretary-General to protect the people of Gaza and deliver a permanent peace. This website will go live Thursday August 7th.

Affiliates can also make urgent financial contributions to the International Transport Workers’ Federation’s (ITF) humanitarian relief initiative for Gaza, at