ILWU Struggles 1984-2010, The Struggle Continues

ILWU Struggles 1984-2010, The Struggle Continues
The ILWU and especially ILWU Local 10 in the bay area has
played a significant role in many labor and solidarity struggles.
These include the struggle against South African apartheid, the
IBU-ILWU strike solidarity action in Redwood City, the Neptune
Jade struggle, the west coast strike for Mumia Abu-Jamal, the 2002 lockout, the
May 2008 strike against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the
struggle to defend Black members Jason Ruffin and Aaron Harrision
in Yolo counties who had been arrested, the action against the
Zim's ship in Oakland to protest the Gaza blockade and the work
action to protest the murder of Oscar Grant and for justice.
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