World Dockers IDC Calls For Support Of Greek People Against "Ultra-liberal policies"

World Dockers IDC Calls For Support Of Greek People Against "Ultra-liberal policies"

From: "IDC"
IDC-E statement in support of the Greek People
Date: February 26, 2015 at 3:28:40 AM PST
To: "'IDC'"

February 26, 2014

IDC-E statement in support of the Greek People

All the members of the IDC European zone support the Greek people who, through a democratic vote affirmed their opposition to the austerity measures imposed by Europe.

For several years, the peoples of Europe are suffering from ultra-liberal policies imposed by European organizations under the dictates of the major financial powers.

Hard working people must no longer accept to be crushed so that the rich are getting richer.

Greek port sector unions have also been fighting against these policies in recent years and especially the last few months, before the announcement of the privatization of the ports and port authorities of Piraeus and Thessaloniki, with a tireless struggle to defend their jobs and a productive sector of the Greek economy, under pressures from the Troika to sell off the port to private investors.

The example of our Greek comrades must show us the way to discard this capitalist Europe that we no longer want.

ETUC must take into account the will of the workers and bring those claims forward in order to coordinate the European struggles needed to develop a true social Europe at the service of all peoples, of all workers and not at the service of a few oligarchs.

Again, we extend our congratulations to the Greek people that have continuously opposed a Europe that nobody wants and tries to silence by all means those who dare to show that a change is possible and necessary.

We are with you and we will try to push all European peoples to join you in your fight.

Workers throughout Europe will join forces for the benefit of the people.

The members of IDC Europe
"Will never walk alone again"

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