9/21 SF Rally To Stop “Hanging Noose” Incidents And Other Racist Attacks In The Workplace

9/21 SF Rally To Stop “Hanging Noose” Incidents And Other Racist Attacks In The Workplace

Stop “Hanging Noose” Incidents And

Other Racist Attacks In The Workplace

Recology Stop Retaliating Against IBT 350 Member Daryle Washington & Other Recology Workers

Rally:Press Conference
Monday, September 21, 2015 12:00 Noon At: Recology Company
501 Tunnel Avenue, San Francisco

In 2013, a hanging noose was used to terrorize African American workers at the San Francisco Recology Company. This company has a major contract with the City and County of San Francisco to collect garbage.

When this incident took place, Daryle Washington a IBT 350 Recology worker made a complaint to management and they refused to take action. Another incident also took place where a worker threw a copy of Jet magazine at an African American worker.

There has been an epidemic of hanging noose inci- dents throughout the country and also in San Francisco from SFO and the South East Sewage Plant to UCSF. These terrorist acts must be stopped.

Daryle went to his union and asked that they take action to stop these incidents yet his local union leadership not only have taken no action but have refused to publicize that these actions are unacceptable.

All working people need to stand up to stop these racist incidents and our unions must take the lead to make it clear that racism terrorist incidents will not be tolerated in the workplace. This is combined with the workplace bullying against workers on the job forcing many workers onto workers comp and disability.

Daryle Washington has also informed the City officials of San Francisco about this incident and yet they are completely silent despite Recology being a major contractor with the city.

It is time to make it clear that these acts must stop. On Monday September 21, 2015, there will be a press conference and rally in front of the Recology facility for justice and human rights. You are invited to support this rally and speak out not only about this incident but others that are happening every day. Also get your union and organization to support this action. An Injury To One Is An Injury To All!

Sponsored by Transport Workers Solidarity Committee
United Public Workers For Action
For further information or to endorse contact (415)282-1908 or info@upwa.info

The Hanging Noose And Fighting Racist Terrorism On The Job At SF Recology
Daryle Washington is a member of Teamsters Local 350 and material handler at San Francisco Recology Company. He was faced with racist incidents at his job including a hanging noose that was being used to terrorize workers. He spoke out and was retaliated against by the management. He also discusses other epidemic of hanging noose incidents around the country and the connection to the growing racist attacks. He spoke out about this in an interview on 6/30/15 in Berkeley.
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