UAL IBT Contract Fight Against Union Busting And Flint Water And The UAW

WW2-2-16 UAL IBT Contract Fight And Flint Water And The UAW
WorkWeek looks at the long contract fight between the UAL and IBT mechanics who have been without a contract for more than two years. Joseph Prisco a member of the UAL IBT negotiating committee and mechanic discusses the concession demands UAL is making and the union busting attack by UAL management. CWA-AFA flight attendants are also without a contract.
Next WorkWeek investigates the causes of the Flint water contamination and who caused it. We hear from UAW Assistant Regional Director Steve Dawes from Flint, Barb Ingalls who is the former president of the Detroit CWA Typographical Union and Frank Hammer, former president of UAW 909 in Warren. They discuss the background to the privatization drive by Michigan governor Rick Snyder and the role of GM in stopping the contaminated water from going into the engine plant which was rusting the engines.
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