Solidarity Statement From Korean KCTU Seoul For ATU 241 Executive Board Member Erek Slater

Solidarity Statement From Korean KCTU Seoul
In Support of the struggle of ATU Local 241 against the unfair dismissal the union steward

To our brothers and sisters in the ATU Local 241

The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) -Seoul and our affiliates in the transport unions fully supports your struggle to stop the unfair dismissal of a unionist. and we demand the CTA bosses to stop the repression and respect the union right.

The KCTU-Seoul and our transport union members stand in solidarity with you and will fight with you to the end. We are confident that with determination and unity you will be victorious in your struggle.

In solidarity,

Seo, Hyeong-Seok
President, Korean Confederation of Trade Union Seoul Regional Council.

Song, Ho-Joon
General Secretary, KCTU Seoul
& The Korean Federation of Public Services and Transportation Workers Unions (KPTU Seoul)