3/27 SF Meeting: Solidarity With Korean Workers And Korean People Fighting For Labor, Human Rights And Democracy

3/27 SF Meeting: Solidarity With Korean Workers KCTU And Korean People Fighting For Labor, Human Rights And Democracy
Solidarity With Korean Workers And Korean People Fighting For Labor, Human Rights And Democracy
Sunday March 27, 2016 1:00 PM
518 Valencia St./16th Street near 16th St. BART Station
San Francisco, CA

Join Two leaders of the KCTU will be in the bay area at the end of the March for a few days. Ho-Joon Song is a former railway worker leader with the Korea Railway Workers Union KRWU and is now president of Seoul Confederation of Trade Unions KCTU. Park, Young Chan is the vice president of KCTU Seoul and is from the Korean Construction Union which represents construction workers in Korea.

They will be discussing the struggle to defend their unions and the massive attack on labor and human rights including privatization, deregulation of labor and also attacks on civil and human rights. Many Korean union leaders including their leaders have been jailed for organizing against privatization and for democratic rights for their members. The deregulation which is also pushed through the IMF and US Obama administration along with past US governments has led to more than 50% of workers becoming temporary workers and there is a massive outsourcing and privatization of public services. It has also led to dangerous lack of health and safety and corruption of public agencies that directly led to the Sewol disaster and the loss of the lives of hundreds of children, passengers and crew of the ferry boat. The government has also violently attacked the parents and families who want an independent investigation on how this maritime accident took place.
The KCTU has also opposed the Korea US Free Trade Agreement KORUS and also the Trans Pacifica Partnership TPP which would further privatize and deregulate their economy hurting workers and farmers in Korea and the US while benefiting US multi-nationals.
At the same time Korea education workers and teachers have been prohibited from forming unions and lobbying for labor rights and against growing nationalist war revision of textbooks in Korea falsifying history. Korean Teacher Union leaders have also been jailed for fighting for their democratic labor rights. Journalists have also been jailed for writing about the systemic corruption of the US supported South Korean President Park Geun-hye government. The government also made an agreement with the Japanese government to end any further education about the "comfort women" issue without consulting the comfort women. Park Geun-hye and Japanese prime minster Abe's families were personally involved in supporting the 2ndWW and also US supported military governments after the war. Their drive for militarization and repression of labor and human rights has a long history.

They will report on their efforts to defend public services, fight for full time jobs and for health and safety protection of workers and the public. Also they will discuss the growing militarization including Jeju and war in Asia.

For information and to endorse call (415)282-1908

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Initial Endorsers
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