2016 May Day Rally & March In SF At ILWU Local 10-Danny Glover To Speak

2016 May Day Rally & March In SF At ILWU Local 10-Danny Glover To Speak
May Day 2016
May, 1st- rally at ILWU Local 10- 400 North Point, San Francisco
"Labor Must Lead" and put foward the following demands:
- Economic Justice
- $15 a hour
- End Racist policing
- Expand voting rights
- Health Care for all
- Quality Education is a human right
- A call for an 8 hour no work.

Danny Glover to speak at rally

May Day 2016 organizing committee ask that longshore workers work with other unions, workers, progressives, and the interfaith community come out to support this May Day 2016 mobilization.

The rally and march has been endorsed by the San Francisco Labor Council, SEIU 1021, CWA Pacific Media Workers
Organize a contingent and bring your banners.

MayDay2016OrganizingCommittee [at] gmail.com

MAY DAY 2016

International Workers Day
Primero de Mayo/Día del Trabajo * Araw ng mga Manggagawa

March & Rally
Marcha y Demostración * Maglakad at Magtipon-tipon

When: Fecha: Kailan:
Sunday, May 1st – 11 AM
Domingo, 1 de Mayo – a las 11
Ika-1 ng Mayo alas onse ng umag araw ng Linggo

Where: Dónde: Saan:
400 North Point Street, San Francisco CA

Why: Razón: Bakit:
Economic & Social Justice for all Working People!
Justicia Económico y Social Para Todo el Pueblo!
Para sa Economic at Social Justice sa lahat ng mga Taong Nagtatrabaho!

MayDay2016OrganizingCommittee [at] gmail.com

"MayDay National Day of Mourning

Whereas, on Labor Day weekend 2015, ILA Local 1422 in Charleston, South Carolina organized Days of Grace March/Rally and Conference where a reported 800 people from around the country representing the working class, labor, social justice groups and the interfaith community convened to commit to organizing workers' power in a program that challenges income and inequality structural racism, and corporate greed; and

Whereas, Local 1422 issued the call "Labor Must Lead" and put forward the following demands:
Economic Justice, $15 a hour, end Racist Policing, Expanding Voting Rights, Health Care for all and Quality Education is a human right; and

Whereas, a delegation of longshore workers representing ILWU Local 10 of San Francisco and Local 19 of Seattle traveled to Charleston in an act of solidarity to participate in the Days of Grace activities; and

Whereas, historically labor has taken the lead in the struggle for economic and social justice for the entire working class; and

Whereas, we are mindful of the solidarity demonstrated between the ILA and ILWU in the mounting global campaign to win the Charleston 5 struggle; and

Whereas, on May Day 2008 the entire Longshore Division shut down all 29 ports on the West Coast for 8 hours in opposition to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; and

Whereas, the greatest power of labor is the rand and file unity and the withholding its labor which is how we won the 8 hour work day and collective bargaining. That struggle is honored worldwide on May first, International Workers Day;

Therefore be it resolved, that the ILWU support the ILA in a cal for an 8 hour no work National Day of Mourning for the Emanuel 9 and the 3 survivors as well as putting forward the five demands of ILA Local 1422 referred to earlier in this resolution; and

Be it further resolved that this resolution be sent to all longshore locals on the West Coast for rand and filers to establish May Day 2016 organizing committees; and

Be it finally resolved, longshore workers work with other unions, workers, progressives and the interfaith community to support this May Day mobilization.


Brother Clarence Thomas
Past Secretary-Treasurer
ILWU Local 10"

Also, there is a facebook event page. Here's the link: