SF TWU Endorses Herb Meiberger-Opposes More Hedge Fund Money In Pension Funds

SF TWU Endorses Herb Meiberger-Opposes More Hedge Fund Money In Pension Funds





to the San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System Board


When it comes to making decisions that impact your retirement, commitment, experience, and principles matter.

SEIU Local 1021 & West Bay Retirees | Retired Employees of SF (RECCSF) Victor Makras, Commissioner, SFERS* | Leona Bridges, Commissioner, SFERS* Peter Ashe, Former SFERS Commissioner* | Claire Zvanski, President, RECCSF* Nancy Gin, Jean Thomas, Charter Members, POB*
Lois Scott, Kathleen Price, Howard Wong, Past Presidents, IFPTE Local 21* Ed Walsh, Commissioner, Retirement Health Care Trust Fund*
David Williams, President, SEIU 1021 West Bay Retirees*
Ed Walsh, Retiree Health Care Trust Fund Board
Joseph Bryant, SF Regional Vice-President, SEIU 1021
Theresa Rutherford, SEIU 1021 Vice-President, Representation Alysabeth Alexander Tut, SEIU 1021 Vice-President, Politics
Brenda Barros, Connie Smith and Josh Davidson, SEIU 1021 SF COPE Co-chairs

Read a full list of endorsements at www.herbmeiberger.com


SFERS Retirement Board Elections are quickly approaching!


“Herb Meiberger has the experience, commitment, qualifications, and
the principles to stand up for

San Francisco workers.”

Joseph Bryant
San Francisco Regional Vice President, SEIU 1021

Herb Meiberger is the most qualified candidate:

• As a board member for 24 years, Herb has been a tireless advocate for responsible investing, seeking sure investments with proven rates of return to safe- guard our money.
• He is the only elected board member with direct investment experience.
• Prior to serving on the SFERS Board, Herb served as a SFERS investment
officer for 20 years.
• Herb earned his MBA at UC Berkeley and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). • Herb has been a professor of finance and investments at SF State for 30 years.

Herb has consistently fought for socially responsible investments:

• Opposed Hedge Fund investments. Herb is the only board member who hasn’t bought into the Hedge Fund hype.
• Championed divestment from thermal coal stocks in 2016
• Was the chairman of the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) committee in 2014-15

• Championed divestment from companies doing business in Sudan in 2002 • Championed divestments from tobacco stocks in 1997
• As a SFERS investment officer, he helped make our pension plan #2 well- funded plan in the country according to Jay Haish, Former Director, SFERs

VOTE to make sure workers like YOU have a seat at the table.

“Herb Meiberger has the expertise, experience and energy to do best as
SFERS Board Commissioner. As the incumbent, he will continue to exhibit the fiduciary and social responsibility necessary to reflect the needs and values of city work- ers and retirees. A vote for Herb is a vote for knowledge and reason.”

David Williams
President, SEIU 1021 West Bay Retirees Committee

VOTE Herb MEIBERGER for SFERS Retirement Board!

What does the SFERS Retirement Board do?

The Retirement Board manages the invest- ments for the City’s retirement plans. The Board members’ job is to invest wisely and safeguard members’ pensions. It is critical that we have someone on the Board representing the interests of Miscellaneous employees like yourself.

Who is on the Retirement Board?

The Board is made up of 7 members
— 3 members are elected by active and

retired members of SFERS
— 3 members are appointed by the Mayor — 1 member is from the SF Board of Supervisors

Of the three elected SFERS Board members, Herb Meiberger is the ONLY “Miscellaneous member” (i.e. not from “public safety”). Public Safety wants to control all three elected seats even though Miscellaneous members comprise 85% of the pension plan members.

We need a strong voice to stand up for the interests of pension plan members who are not from the Police or Fire Department. That’s why we’re

keeping Herb Meiberger on the Retirement Board.