ILWU 10 Members Speak Out On Trump, Capitalism & The Need For Workers Party

ILWU 10 Members Speak Out On Trump, Capitalism & The Need For Workers Party
The day before the inauguration of President Trump, ILWU Local 10 members and leaders in San Francisco talk about what the election of Trump means for working people, what needs to be done to defend labor and the growing repression. They also discuss the need for a democratic labor party that will represent all working people.
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ILWU Local 10 Longshore Workers Join Walk-out by UAW 2865 UC Graduate Students in Northern California To Protest Trump Government
January 19, 2017
By Steve Zeltzer

WorkWeek radio has learned ILWU Local 10 longshore workers will be joining the work protest by UAW 2865 UC graduate students on President elect Trump's January 20 inaugural day. Longshore workers today were interviewed about their fear and concerns about the incoming Trump government. Former ILWU Local 10 president Trent Willis sad that he was worried that his son who has autism will lose his medicaid coverage if Trump and his cabinet shutdown ACA.
Other longshore workers talked about the need to oppose the repression including at North Dakota Standing Rock Native Reservation. The local has sent a delegation and donation to the Standing Rock tribe and delegates were angry to hear today that journalists are being shot at and wounded with rubber bullets. Also the North Dakota National Guard has sent rocket launchers to supposedly guard the DAPA pipeline construction project.
UAW 2865 members have been meeting with longshore workers and discussing their struggle for free public education at UC and making it a sanctuary for undocumented students threatened by plans by the Trump administration for mass migration raids.
The closure of Bay Area ports by the work action combined with the UAW 2865 graduate students and support action by IATSE Local 16 makes these actions the most significant work actions nationally. The San Francisco Labor Council is supporting a picket of a Carl's Jr. in San Francisco and then labor delegations will be joining a march from the UN Plaza.
The AFL-CIO has urged it's affiliates to attend the January 21 march in DC and marches around the country but are not supporting any national labor march or even national labor conference on how to fight the coming attacks on labor by President Trump and his reactionary cabinet.

Steve Zeltzer
KPFA Pacifica WorkWeek Radio