7/29 SF TWSC Labor Forum-Lessons From the ILWU Battle Against EGT in Longview And the Struggle Ahead

ILWU workers blocked the railroad tracks to the scab grain terminal


7/29 SF TWSC Labor Forum-Lessons From the ILWU Battle Against EGT in Longview And the Struggle Ahead 
Labor Forum 
Lessons From the ILWU Battle Against 
EGT in Longview And the Struggle Ahead 
Sunday, July 29, 2012 
7:00 PM 
First Unitarian Universalist 
Church - Macondray Room 
1187 Franklin St./Geary St. 
San Francisco 
Donations: $5-$10, Unemployed Free 
An ongoing union-busting drive is being waged against the ILWU, one of the most militant unions in the 
United States, from Bush’s invoking of Taft-Hartley during the 2002 lockout by PMA to Obama’s sending 
an armed Coast Guard vessel to escort a scab ship to the EGT dock in Longview, Washington. 
The Occupy Wall Street movement was instrumental in building solidarity for port truckers and longshore 
workers during the Longview struggle. Shackled with a concessionary EGT grain contract, the ILWU now 
faces negotiations for a master grain agreement. The Northwest Grainhandler’s Association has notified 
the union that it is terminating its agreement. Will employers demand the EGT contract? How will that 
impact the major container ports in Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle and Tacoma? 
What are the lessons of the recent ILWU struggles as well as the Boron miners Rio Tinto struggle? How 
will this effect the organized labor movement in this country in the midst of the worst capitalist economic- 
crisis in decades? 
Come hear ILWU union activists discuss the class struggle today. 
Mike Fuqua, ILWU Local 21 Longview* 
Clarence Thomas, ILWU Local 10* 
Howard Keylor, ILWU Local 10 retired 
Jack Mulcahy, ILWU Local 8 Portland* invited 
Jack Heyman, ILWU Local 10 retired 
* for identification only 
Sponsored by Transport Workers Solidarity Committee 
For information call 510-501-7080 labor donated